Super Badass by Charles Cullen


Super Badass, a sadistic bounty hunter, unleashes his own brand of violent, self-serving justice on the unsuspecting, crime ridden city. Between his daily doses of mind-altering substances, Super, aided by the mayor and despised by the chief of police, takes on super villains Bucko The Clown, Light Bulb and the ever notorious Boogieman in a battle royale as you have never seen before in the history of cinema. Pity the guilty...and the innocent bystanders.. This DVD comes with the critically acclaimed commentary! This is a hilarious must see for filmmakers and fans alike. Film critic Ginnie Moon had this to say, "Some people don't like Director's commentary with a film, but this one is great. Never boring or self-aggrandizing, just an honest and humorous explanation of what went into making the film, the thinking behind some of the scenes, and a wonderful addition to an already extremely pleasurable DVD."

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